Attack by Wolves

Blood can always tell

As we continue closer to the Field of Dreams…or Field of Death, something like that. I felt a very ominous presence. Something is coming!

We stop for the night and I disengage from my reading for a bit. Page is aloof on the outskirts of the camp while the Dwarf is drinking again. Looking around I decide to talk to Spark to find a bit more about him. As a fellow magic caster, I am not impressed that he has chosen the boring art of healing.

I entered into a short conversation with Spark finding out that he was from Elturel, which is a very poor place for elves and his upbringing. The Elves of Elturel were enslaved by humans for a millennium and with the new anti-slavery laws, they were sent free. Instead of leaving and returning to the elven nations, the elves of Elturel stayed to serve their human masters. Now, I am not prejudiced against all humans, just like I am not prejudice against all elves, but blood is important.

Blood is the source of all magical power gifted to the Elves from the ages-long partnership between Elves and Dragons. Really it is the blood of my bronze dragons that allow me to cast magic. Millenniums of tradition and studying have fine tune these gifts into skills for the Elves of my clan- making tremendous advances and shaping the course of history! Even my mother has the noble blood of Numenor running through her veins! Alast, I am blessed with the upbringing of the magical blood of the bronze dragons and the noble blood of the courageous Numenor humans! Unfortunately, the Elves from Elturel practice poor human magic and don’t have the blood of the dragons running through their veins!

Then Spark told me his mother was the elf?!? It would be perfectly acceptable for a male elf to take a female human lover, but for a female elf to spoil her bloodline with the dirty blood of a lower human blood of Elturel? I thought less of Spark when I first met him, but now I utterly am disgusted. The blood of the lower human races have lost all nobility and courage! Cowardness run through his veins! Allast, it really is not his fault, but his parents! I will have to see if he is able to outcome his upbringing and prove himself worthy.

As I am talking to Page, I see that she is listening into our conversation and her tail is twitching. Spark talks about how history and tradition does not matter anymore, but I turn to Page and start to ask her questions about her background. She is still aloof and not really talking about her background! She tells me to return to my reading and she is right; I must continue my studying. Soon, others fall asleep, but I continue to read into the night.

I wake up a bit disoriented, but immediately the caravan starts moving. We are going deeper into the Field of Death. The rain keeps pouring down and visibility is at an all time low. Deciding to light by staff, the blue light of the bronze dragons conforms my heart and give me courage. Traveling in the dim light of my ancestors, I soon hear a distinct howl of wolves from the back end of the caravan! Preparing a spell, I jump into the caravan and (even though I am a bit tired and can’t see a thing) through sheer magical feeling, I guide my blue dragon lightning missiles, obliterating a wolf. 5 wolves turn away from the caravan and attack us. I shoot 4 more missiles at each wolf, weakening them around Spark. Page smashes one skull into the ground with her battle-ax while another one jumps onto the wagon. Feeling rejuvenated, I send more missiles through the eyes of my opponent killing him instantly. Turning towards the other wolves, I see Page destroy another one! That tiefling can fight! Spark, however, becomes injured and runs around behind Page as he flees a wolf bits him and he collapses! Coward! Blood can always tell!

Page and I finish off the penultimate wolf, but the last wolf growls, “Dragon” and runs away. He fears my blood of the bronze dragons! Unwilling to let him escape, I shoot missiles towards him but with a speed unnatural to the wolves, he dodges and escapes. I feel alive with the storm running overheard and the magic full at my command! Tonight is a good night for fighting!

Page picks up Spark and he wakes up. Disgusted, I ask him why did he run away? He does not answer, but I give him a healing potion anyway. I try to collect the blood of the my enemies, but I find that they are DEVOID of blood! These are not wolves at all, but something darker!

Then, Archy appears covered in blood. Archy wanted us to go after the lone wolf that escaped. We warns that we do not kill that last wolf that everybody will die! Seeing that Spark is in no condition to chase after the wolf and a coward, I told him to stay at the camp. Turning to page, I head off into the forest following pawprints. Spark decides to come with us.

Running deeper into the forest, we follow the tracks and notice they turn northest! The rain is falling harder making the ground slick and muddy. Suddenly, a large howl screams into the night, we immediately start running. We manage to get a good head-start on them with Page in front, then myself, and then Spark! Soon, Spark slips and but is able to get up quickly, as the pack draws near. We speed down in to a valley and then turn right towards a rocky path on a side of the hill.

Still following the paw prints, we began to climb up the hill. Now the wolves are nearly on top of us. Out of the darkness, wolves jump and bit at our heels. I am able to dodge a few, but sustain a few bites. Feeling exhaust and thinking quickly, I channel the lightning, casting a mighty thunderwave to slow them down – instantly killing 5 to slow down and pushing the rest back.

Unfortunately Page and Spark get caught in the blast. Page bounces back quickly, but Spark collapses completely. I told him that he should not have come! Page wastes precious seconds trying to heal him, but then picks him. Leave him! I say his blood too dirty even to collect. Blood can always tell.

Continuing to run, we keep running until we end up at a cliff. Trapped we have two options, turn and fight or jump into the water below. I yell to Page to jump! Page jumps into the River, but I stay behind until the wolfs are always on top of me! Nearly 25 wolfs come barreling down towards. Taking a deep breath, I feel the storm raging about me. I feel wild untapped pockets of magic energy. I remember, the words of my father, “Blood can always tell.” Using the noble ancient blood of dragons, I tap into this old magic and cast a massive thunderwave, zapping all 25 wolfs to crisp. Smiling, I turn and jump into the river after Page.



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