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Fire beats Troll

I woke up on a bank of a river – I believe its called The Winding Water. I couldn’t see Page, the blue tiefling around nor the dead body of the Spark. There was still the cliffs to my left, but to my right was a steep hill. Groggily, I climbed up the steep hill and pulled out my spyglass to see miles and miles of forest! I was lost! Suddenly I felt a presence – I was being watched!

A few moments later, a half-orc appears – but it only a caravan scout! Another scout, a Dragonborn, appears huffing and puffing behind. We introduce ourselves and luckily they know the way back to the caravan since they are a bit more experienced than I am. They actually saw Page and I running through the forest and followed to assist us, but luckily I didn’t need it. Thank goodness, some luck at last!

Suddenly we hear whispers and the ground shakes, but there’s somebody casting magic near by. A huge red tiefling appears demanding us to leave her forest. I quickly defuse the situation, but the tiefling is very uncooperative, hesitate, and suspicious. However, she looks good natured, so I tell her our situation. We head out to cave where we rest for the night and I immediate knock out since I am dead tired.

At the cave, there are two tunnels that lead further into the mountain, but we decided against going further in. At daybreak the next day, we head into the forest – towards the Troll Claws to get back to our caravan. Unfortunately it is the fast way back to the caravan and we have fallen quite bit behind.

We spend the entire day trekking the forest and reach the end of the forest at dusk. I am a bit hesitant to try to Troll Claws at nighttime, but the others insist we need to catch up to the caravan, so we attempt it. As we are making good time, we suddenly hear the enormous footfalls of a troll approaching. I glance around for a place to hide, but it seems unlikely to hide a Dragonborn in the brush. Fortunately the red tiefling casts a huge fog for cover and we are able to slip past the troll.

Later in the night as the storm continues to rage and the ground gets muddy and slicker. All of a sudden the red tiefling slips down the hill and crashes in the brush. We hurry down to help and hear – a loud roar. Behind us at the top of the hill is a TROLL!

The Troll comes barreling down towards us – The Dragonborn whips out his two swords while I cast True Strike – learning that Trolls are weak to FIre and Acid. Unfortunately I have no fire and acid! The Red Tiefling casts a spell which traps the Troll. Then she sends a flaming spear and set the entire forest on fire! I cast Witch Bolt and send lightning strikes down upon it while the other half-orc is send magic missiles towards it.

Enraged the Troll roars and tries to break free from the binds and gets away from the fire – right into the knives of the dragonborn. The half-orc continue to pummel it with magic, but the Red Tielfing charges while conjuring a magic flaming sword. She swipes out its legs causing it to stumble forward and then beheads the troll.

Since I have near faced a troll before, I rush up and gather two flasks of its blood. I know that Trolls have regenerative properties so this blood will be priceless! I can’t wait to test it out. I don’t even think my father’s collection had troll blood. I will test it as soon as I return to the camp.

We reach the road at daytime without further incident. We see that the caravan is still ahead of us in the North. As we hurry along to catch up, all a sudden 4 wolves appear behind and attack! We are able to quick dispatch the wolves quickly. When I examined the wolves for blood-which they do unlike the other wolf-, I also notice a brand.


I try to skin the brand off the Wolf, but I am unsuccessful. Luckily I write it down. We make it back to the caravan. What is this mysterious mark?


OOC I didn’t die I didn’t die I didn’t die! I wounder if troll killer is going to stay with us?
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