Cheery's first step into the wide world!

We have to do something!

Things have been looking rather drab in town. After Briar and I found that dying doe with black soulless eyes, we took it as a sign that it’s the end of the line. There isn’t much more to be said about the situation. I need to do something about it! All of the crops have been failing and I’m afraid if nothing’s done, everyone will hardly make it through another 2 years. I’m terrified. I wish Garrett were still here to help me. He’d know what to do. The townsfolk are now imploring me to try to do something about it but with my limited knowledge of Garrett’s teachings, there’s not much left I can do. I’m hoping there will be answers to be had in Waterdeep. Garret once mentioned there’s tons of information for any further studying. Leaving the comfort of Delimbiyran is not ideal but without any further help, we’re all doomed.



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