I meet my saviors!

I'm not sure how to feel about them

I’ve arrived in Waterdeep and this town is amazing! It’s huge! It would take me years to visit every apothecary and shop around. There’s so many different people here and the food in every single stall is amazing! I don’t have nearly enough eyes to see all the wonderful things this town has to offer. But there isn’t time to dawdle. I’ve arrived and have to keep my appointment with the town council and they seem to be aware of the situation we are experiencing. They’ve told me there’s been something suspicious going on similar to what Briar and I found when we came across the dying doe.

lady Silverhand has graciously requested that i show the council where I’ve encountered the strange goings on Delimbiyran but because the people here are so tall i can’t quite reach the table. I climb up and point out where the troubles have started and after much hushed deliberation from the council, lady silverhand informs me that there will be a party of several people to help me try and figure out a solution to the problem.

Soon after, several people arrive in the council room .And they are a very exotic looking bunch. Two men in particular stand out; one, a gnome who because of his small stature i almost mistake him for one of my own but with a strange way of speaking and the second a dwarf with an extravagant mustache with such an impressive personality i can’t help but be blown away by how dashing he is. I’m not sure what their connection with the council is, but after listening to Lady Silverhand list off their exploits I am to assume that the crew has an ill reputation of setting taverns afire and loosing criminals into the streets. I’m very much afraid of what I am to do with such a rag tag bunch of criminals! I am so out of my league at this point but Lady Silverhand elaborates that they are to accompany me back home. I’m so excited! and scared!



I meet my saviors!

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