Troll Blood has healing properties

The story of the golden stag

Dawn breaks a new day in the adventure of Gandalf, the blood scientist. Unfortunately, most of travelers fear the unknown and are content to live in the dark ages. Few minds are trying to progress society and the magical arts such as I. How low has the civil wars among the elves, the bloodthirsty lust of the humans, and the horrors of the filthy orcs have brought us? Anyway, meeting back at the caravan I am pleased to find Page, alive and well. The red tielfing, however, leaves us to flee back into her forest. I wonder if we shall ever see her again?

I greet Baed, the wealthy ale wagon, and I try to convince him to join our guard. Unfortunately, he is unimpressed with our skills seeing how the half-orc is a novice and the dwarf spends all of his time drinking. It is hard to find good help these days. I cast some lighting, but the idiot GILF cast Magic Armor – a fairly useless spell since I have a dragonic bloodline and then attacks me with his sword and injuries me. His incompetence further convinces Baed that he is better off on his own. Fortunately, our time is not wasted as he tells us a story of the golden stag. He desires its hide, but he wants us to bring it to him instead of Archy who was the first person to see it.

That night we invite Archy to the campfire and we get him a bit drunk so he would tell us the story about a golden stag. He tells us that the golden stag is found a day way near the ocean. He last saw it near the ocean cliff and there’s typically in ocean breeze accompanying it. The next day we wake up and for some reason, we are trying to find Elkin. Archy information was sketchy at best, so we decided to get somebody’s opinion. We try to find Elkin and can’t find her. We spend half a day looking for her and eventually find her with some goblins who we immediately kill. (I, of course, take some blood for analysis later.) We take Elkin back to the caravan where she is resting.

Sensing this emergency, I begin to experiment with the troll blood since I know it has regenerative properties. The troll blood has a healthy blueish, redish tinge and I can feel its magical. Extracting the blood will be difficult and purification of the blood will be even more difficult, but I am anxious to try it. The first batch of blood I try to extract has been contaminated, so the blood cells won’t come apart and it is rendered useless. The next attempt goes badly as well as the blood refuses to separate. For the next attempt, I try to reduce heat to make it easier to separate and success! The blood extracts, but unfortunately the heat is not enough to purify. Instead the blood cells don’t unwind enough to get rid of the non-magical cells. Therefore, I slightly increase the temperature again and was able to successful extract and purify the magical properties of the troll blood.

Unfortunately, the dim-minded of our group disagree with the troll blood, so I end up trying it first. It works of course as the slight wound that I took while battling the goblins heals, but I do feel slightly funny. However, I hide this from the group and I am able to feed the potion to Elkin and she heals! We decide to track the goblins to a cave and attempt to lure them out, but they refuse to come out. It looks like we will have to go into the cave.



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