The dread of the future.

She woke up in a sweat, the visions were back and even more threatening than the last. Power, magic, the Cult of the Dragon in full swing massacring thousands. To think about that being the future was infuriating. She knew she had to do something about it, to avenge the people she had hurt in the past. It was going to take some bloodshed and she could no longer sit back and have Silence do it for her. He had been there for her for months helping her get through the visions by teaching her Monkish ways to calm the mind. The tattoos kept appearing on her skin after the visions ceased, no one noticed as they grew darker along the way.
After finding the lead at the Roadhouse she knew the visions would increase, it seemed the Cult was connected for some reason, as they were always involved. The Mere of the Dead was a wretched place filled with awful creatures. It seemed as though they were all working with the Cultists. They went through the bog at a careful but hastened speed hoping to find the Cultists’ lair. They came along another group and decided they were trustworthy. Just when things seemed to be looking up, they heard voices. Out of an eerie magical mist, scaled lizard men rowed to shore. Immediately she thought of something in the vision, it was a quick flash but she had seen these creatures alongside the Cultists, helping them get closer to a dragon’s den. She knew they must be stopped, she let off her ray of frost hoping to slow them. The dampness of the bog ruined the depth of her spell and instead it just sprayed the lizard men with a mist. The rest of her group advanced and she let off her scorching rays, one of them seemed to be unharmed by the ray, and she started to wonder if that was their leader. One by one they were taken down when only two were left. One of the new group members, a small thing, tied up the one she thought was their leader. She and Silence had told the group in the beginning that they needed to save one for questioning.
The group looked strangely at her while she interrogated this scaly fiend. She wanted him to tell her who he worked for, which she thought was the Cult. He wouldn’t cooperate and she had had enough. She sliced his cheek with the only dagger she possessed. The second Lizard went unconscious, just then the leader said dripping with contention that he loathed the Cultists and would never work for them. As the other Lizard came to, the leader refused to tell them who he worked for. She ordered them to kill the other Lizard as his influence seemed to impair the information she had been receiving from the leader initially. As the elbow smashed his head, the leader began to scream and look at her with the most hatred she had ever been on the receiving end of. As she realized the mistake she had made, she retreated to let someone else get information out of him.
He still screamed and spat at her and the group continued to look at her and him puzzled. They asked her what he was saying and she thought they were idiots as he was speaking loudly and clearly. She relayed the conversation to them, when he cut her off speaking to them. This gave her a chance to think about the vision, had she misinterpreted it? Was it another scaled being? As she thought more, she realized it must have been either a half dragon, or kobold. She was wrong. She knew an apology would not be enough, so she sat silently going along with the rest of the groups actions. Even Silence looked at her quizzically. She asked him what was wrong, and he said, “Lily, you were speaking Draconic.”


“As the elbow smashed his head…” classic. I love it.


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