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Hey, free gold!
Silence's first assassination, mission from Cestii

The first mission he received on pilgrimage made Silence anxious. Perhaps it was the anticipation of his first kill, the chance that the guard could easily turn on him, or maybe it was excitement for the chance to use his abilities. Whatever the reason was, his hands shook as he waited for the guards to bring the target to him. He had even rehearsed what he would say as he took the man’s life.
The City of Skilled Hands, Neverwinter, never seemed to sleep; the Blacklake District was, by no means, any different.

The wealth and power located in this small, beautiful area corrupts the entire city. Small taverns peddling nothing but the finest meads, wines, and ales are common; many of them providing gambling tables for the nobles that live in the mansions dotting the landscape.
This scene does not take place in the Blacklake district, but the Docks. The Blacklake guards often take their business elsewhere, in order to avoid an “unsightly” scene.

“You know whose money that is?” Two guards interrogate a captured thief. After a little “persuasion”, they turn their back to the criminal.

The thief replied, “It’s not uncommon that one gambles it all away in one evening. After all, the drink is the best in the city, it’s easy to get carried away.” He smirked, showing his stained teeth. “I’m not responsible for this guy’s careless disregard for his gold.”

He gasped. A blade slid along the lines of his neck.

“What is this!? Guards!?” he called out for help.

“Sounds quiet, it’s gonna be a peaceful night, don’t you think?” The guards spoke between themselves, attempting to appear unaware. “I’m gonna sleep easy when my shift’s over,” the other replied.

“Last words?” Asked the blade’s weilder, a hooded figure, clad in bare feet. A long broad tail swept out behind, assuring balance for such an extended stance.

The criminal began, “I…”

“Silence,” whispered the assassin, quickly dispatching the thief.

“I was instructed to keep the gold as payment.” The guards called as they turned around.

A vacant, bloody scene met them. Slowly they approached. The closer their inspection, the more the fact became obvious, “…Dammit! Our gold!” Shouted the guards.
Silence slipped the man’s gold into his belt before the kill, no sense in ruining the currency. He immediately dashed back into the darkness afterward, as he was trained to always do. When he heard them, he chuckled to himself, “That was bad ass!”

Arrival at Greenest
First Session Adventure Log

What a day to return to Greenest. This town is, likely, the closest place I’d had to a home, and the place is a mess…
Okay, now it’s a mess. The town is under siege…A few townsfolk were trapped in the church at the center of town. I managed to slip in and help to secure the doors from the inside. A few adventurers approached and offered help. With the building as cramped as it was, I decided that I would join this group in its attempt to reach the keep.
They had managed to gather a few more helpless townsfolk and kept them alive and, mostly, uninjured. The dragon blasted it’s breath right behind us as we began our final approach to the keep. We barely made it inside…Now, we’re holed up in the keep, waiting for our deaths at the jaws of a blue dragon. I’m not really sure why I spend the only rest I get, writing in here, but it’s not very much rest anyways. There are so many injured…I suppose I could lend a hand where I’m needed.
My kunai are getting some use, finally. That clumsy dragonborn, Shamash, keeps “valiantly” charging in, and “honorably” sacrificing his well-being. He does seem to recover quickly, though, and with my new techniques, I should be able to deal with any serious threats quickly enough. Never turn away a meat shield, especially if it’s over 7’ tall and wearing heavy armor.
So…I think my meat shield is broken. The great blue dragon was swooping down, spewing electric death (this would make a great title for a song). Our dragonborn paladin decided to attack! So that’s it. There was nothing left of him. This is going to be a long counter-siege…
Well my meat shield is still alive…barely. I have no idea how he survived. Clearly, however, he’s going to come in handy.
Another valiant effort by our paladin. He stepped up to do single combat with the half-dragon leader of the opposing forces, when the half-dragon presented some helpless townsfolk as hostages. Not one person attempted to dissuade Shamash, combat began after few words. After a few lucky blocks and managing to get one solid hit in, Shamash fell. The opposition forces retreated with what they had and left us to rebuild.
The governor of the town, Nighthill, offered us a sizeable amount of gold for a simple scouting mission of our attackers’ camp. Maybe this is going to be a profitable experience after all. This should be rather easy.

The company I keep Part 1
The capture of the party

The company I keep…(Part 1)

Once again, the valiant Dragonborn, Shamash, thrusts himself into various danger. Sure, he can certainly take a hit or two and he can be quite intimidating, but he seems to have the wrong idea about blending in. It was, however, rather impressive when he managed to divert suspicion with his dragon heritage, but attempting to gain clout in an organization (as disorganized as it may be) with the intent of gaining intel through observation seems a little over-the-top and is, certainly, not something that should be done through force.
Regardless, he managed to gain some notoriety through the sheer stupidity of the muscle hired by the Cult of the Dragon. He even managed to create a significant distraction, pulling attention away from a prisoner whom Red and Donavon, cleverly, almost managed to free. They had almost walked right out of the camp, with the poor, injured monk, when the ever-honorable paladin decided to “assist”. He, after appearing to drink with the residents of the camp, sauntered directly past our two friends and began to question the guards escorting the prisoner. Well, this created some confusion for the, already suspicious, guards. He managed to avoid immediate altercation, but it was at the cost of being captured by the, clearly, quite powerful leaders.
At this point all of our hard work went to hell. Everyone was captured, except myself, of course. The beautiful Illyana and Lia were recognized as out of the ordinary; as there were, apparently, no female cultists. They obtained their disguises with my help and it was a rather “successful” experience. After Illy and Lia managed to lure a duo of the lower cultists into the woods, posing as prostitutes, Lia eviscerated one who showed interest in her, but the bastard making an attempt at Illy was getting rough. I wouldn’t stand for it, so I simply broke his spine. We shared a moment, and kissed. Even taking into account the events that followed this moment, today was certainly a good day.
After capture, my comrades were placed on display in a manner that looked, rather, uncomfortable. Suspended, hanging from ropes tied to a tall post. One of the camp’s leaders, the half-dragon, Sconrath, addressed them. He announced that they would be executed in the morning, which gave me plenty of time to work something out.

The company I keep Part 2
The rescue and safe return of the party to greenest.

The company I keep…(Part 2)

They were being guarded by four, intimidating, blue drakes. The guards, however, were frequently changing and often went on patrols around the camp. An hour or so after Scionrath left the scene, a small band of the guards approached the prisoners. The leader of them had severe burns on his face from an earlier interaction with our valiant Dragonborn, Shamash. He was clearly set on revenge upon him. He ordered that the drakes be calmed by the kobold they brought with them. They then led Shamash away from the site and into the small wood on the edge of the camp. I took this opportunity to throw kunai onto each of the prisoner posts so they can cut themselves down. Unarmed, carrying the desiccated monk, and with a few injuries the group managed to outrun the drakes and flee the camp.

I’m not sure why I ran back to save Shamash, but I couldn’t just let him die. Besides, I could really use the practice. I ran into something I didn’t expect while approaching the scene. Another, like myself, who was simply observing. I propositioned this individual for assistance and she accepted. After swiftly dispatching the guards and his posse, this unnamed individual attempted to return to the camp. I stated, in so many words, that she had two choices; join me and flee the camp or I would force her to. I’m not sure that I would have been able to force her, but I couldn’t just let her turn us in for the first reward she’s offered. She obliged, however, and we managed to escape.
Upon returning to Greenest, Governor Nighthill asked us for the information he asked us to acquire about the camp. We told him everything we discovered; their numbers, their organization issues, the monk prisoner, the layout of the camp, and finally, the leaders, consisting of Mandath, the woman dressed in robes heaviliy guarded and appearing to be the true leader, Scionrath, the half-dragon, and Resmir. Nighthill explained some more details about the organization known as the Cult of the Dragon and their intentions. After which, he gave us our reward, plenty of gold! The first step to power is acquiring means.
The governor gave us the next full day to rest. I began to study the encrypted scrolls the Shadow Weaver gave to me. I’ve begun to unlock the secrets of shadow. I look forward to opportunities to employ my new abilities.
After our rest, Nighthill called upon us once again. He asked that we return to the camp, attempt disruption, possibly eliminate key officers, and locate strategic locations to observe, while planning strategies and watching for movement of the small army. He promised more gold upon success and I’m certainly not going to turn down this opportunity. This group is already gaining notoriety with this small town. Hopefully, I do not become too recognizable.

Leaving El Turel pt 1
or How Rock Gnomes Should Keep On Land

The half orc has finally woken up from his slumber which I think his mount is grateful for a change in horses. The Large one and I have taken a liking to each other since our brief encounter in Greenest. However I seem to be doing most of the talking since the Large one is slow, much like most of the townsfolk in Greenest. We’ve arrived in El Turel only to be told no one has seen Leonis. So of course the staff wielder shows up and tells us we need to travel to Baldur’s Gate not an hours time from meeting us. The Large one and I head to the docks as the mode of transportation to Baldur’s Gate seems to be in the form of a ship. Of course we arrive to the most spacious accomodations. We seem to be sharing room and board with some sort of Horned Beast Man and his party. Turns out we’ve all been sent by Nighthill to find out who the devil has stolen the treasure and burned his town to the ground. Some talk of Dragons or some such. Great more hands in the share of the goods. Having only been promised 100gold on my return, I am hoping I can swindle these nice folk out of some coin or perhaps they will be useful in our quest.

The ship takes off in the most off putting motion that churns the insides of my gut. Over the top deck is where my lunch leaps into the sea. And a few choice bits on to the Large one; a laugh I cannot enjoy whilst I retch. We learn that the Horned Beast and his party is comprised of what seems like a woman, a half elf who plays his lute incessantly and an elf. He is quieter than most of the party and seems to have some sort of romantic interest in the woman pfft.

A Rock Gnome should keep to land. I’ve never been more sick in my life. The females in this party only seem to care about drinking and sun bathing. They most assuredly remind me of my sisters at home, but I care not to join them. Hopefully we land soon for I have never had more of my insides come outside since the day that I swore off all beverages of intoxicating nature.

Updates to the portal!
NPC Character pages and New Player logs

New Character Bio pages

The following Characters have been added.

From previous Adventures
Ontharr Frume
Leosin Erlanthar
Bill the Guard
Ted the guard
Langdedrosa Cyanwrath
Frulam Mondath

From the Caravan
Achreny Ulyeltin
Beyd Sechepol
Edhelri Lewel
Eldkin Agetul
Lai Angesstun
Leda Widris
Lola Longnose
Noohar Serelim
Nyerhite Verther
Orvustia Esseren
Oyn Evenmor
Samardag the Hoper
Sulesdeg the Pole

Character bios may not be complete. There is info yet to find out by our heroes. This info will be added as they are found out. Anything else is common knowledge for anyone who has encountered the character for more than a few days.

New Adventure log!

We get a look into Sprocket’s journal entry for our most recent session.

Leaving El Turel pt 1

Character Spotlight

Silence may have a name that suits him but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn about him! If you haven’t caught up click the links below!

Hey, free gold!
Arrival at Greenest
The company I keep Part 1
The company I keep Part 2

Leaving El Turel pt 2
or How Rock Gnomes Should Keep On Land

We finally get off that wretched floating vomit vessel and i get my feet back on solid ground. After we clown around in town, we eventually make our way to some tavern cramped and full of god awful sawdust that is almost knee high. Word on the street is there is a caravan making its way to Waterdeep and if we’re smart we can pick up work. Since that fool Ryuko is busy filing his gut with that awful stuff, I make the effort to try to find us a decent paying job. Traveling to Waterdeep is going to take about two months. My pockets are feeling lighter than I’d like and the gold is welcome. I grab the attention of some hoity toity Elf. He’s tall and elegant and probably has a stick up his…pantspocket. But he seems to be paying enough-ten gold for ten days, however I make the foolish mistake of promising Ryuko we can work together. Since Beyd seems to only need the help of one pair of hands, I try convincing him that Ryuko can be of some help carting around his awful drink cart. but of course Beyd has to look over while Ryuko is breaking tankards and tables. That awful oaf cost us a bit extra since that elf won’t be paying us anymore than ten gold. I’m just hoping Ryuko can keep his huge paws off the merchandise, otherwise I’m afraid it’ll cost us since I don’t entirely trust this elf. He seems to have too much money…Which might be too much of a good thing. For me!

Charming My Way into the Group
How to get hired and paid

Main Story

Upon arrival of a group of caravans, I immediately join up with some fellow adventurers. These people were a lively and diverse group of members including a dragonic-born, a human, a dwarf, an orc, and several others. Seeking employment, I met a very loud and at-first obnoxious merchant named Archy with elfs Hagger and Highen. With my amazing personality, I was able to become fast friends with Archy, earning his trust and employ (at 20 gold per day!)

Archy was missing a dragonscale in one of his furs which happened to be lost and he employed us to find it. After a quick search in the forest, we found tracks which led to a clear and a cave. At the clearing, another group was trying to capture a bird. After several spells, we were able to catch it. Intrigue by this animal, I attempt to collect its blood sample, but was met with heavy resistance from members of this other group -mostly from Silence and Lilly – another Sorcerer. I will have to be wary of this other group and this other sorcerer. I don’t want to cause any trouble, but blood is a valuable resource and blood magic creates powerful emotions which causes conflict.

Sprocket found the fur, but we (except Sprocket and Kif) entered the cave to explore it. Soon we were attacked by wolfs which we quickly dispatched thanks to Dragonic arm-strength and some lightening magic (and no thanks to Sprocket and Kif – who got in the way and got injured). I collected the wolf’s blood for further analysis.

Returning to the Archy, we gained a reward of 25 Gold and I was able to test the wolf’s blood for magical properties.

Analysis of Wolf’s Blood: Examining Blood for Magic

RWC: Normal – No Magic
PPP: Normal – No Magic

PMS: Common Wolf – Interbreeding with dogs (no meaningful ancestry)

kentucky fried riches
dragon scale tales

So yesterday I was attacked by a weird looking chicken but ended up collecting a bounty on some doofus’s lost “dragon skin”. It started out traveling on the caravan easy enough but some loud mouth named Archeny Uyeltin starts bellowing about something too interesting to miss out on. Archie as I call him, because Archeny Uyeltin is too much a mouthful for all the trouble he’s worth, is the loudest and possibly sloppiest man in the caravan. He’s traveling with the two of the cleanest most sarcastic bastard elves I’ve ever seen. Haggard and Hine. They roll their eyes at the entire story that Archie has to tell. He’s missing a dragon scale from his cart. The elves smirk at the words so I’m assuming they either know something is up or they know it’s actual worth-worthless. The elves seem to think it’s heading north. We head off the path and into a copse where the trees are so damn thick following some animal tracks on a whim. We come across a clearing and who do we come across but a couple of the nitwits from the caravan battling it out. GANDALF hasn’t met any of these fools and almost starts attacking anyone in range before Lily sees me. How she sees me over the tall grass is beyond me.

Anyway, the tracks which we think lead to the missing dragon scale end up headed to a cave. While everyone is looting dead bodies I decide to run into the cave because I want this reward and thats where I’m going to find Archie’s “dragon scale”. There’s garbage everywhere and I rustle around and I find it-and also the terrifying sound of something coming at me at full force and so I make a mad dash for the cave entrance holding on for dear life to the precious cargo which will be my reward.

A stupid colored chicken comes barrelling after me into the clearing of dead bodies and looters and all I can do is keep running and screaming “Kill it! Kill it!” which of course would be the best course of action since it’s chasing after me.


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