Leaving El Turel pt 2

or How Rock Gnomes Should Keep On Land

We finally get off that wretched floating vomit vessel and i get my feet back on solid ground. After we clown around in town, we eventually make our way to some tavern cramped and full of god awful sawdust that is almost knee high. Word on the street is there is a caravan making its way to Waterdeep and if we’re smart we can pick up work. Since that fool Ryuko is busy filing his gut with that awful stuff, I make the effort to try to find us a decent paying job. Traveling to Waterdeep is going to take about two months. My pockets are feeling lighter than I’d like and the gold is welcome. I grab the attention of some hoity toity Elf. He’s tall and elegant and probably has a stick up his…pantspocket. But he seems to be paying enough-ten gold for ten days, however I make the foolish mistake of promising Ryuko we can work together. Since Beyd seems to only need the help of one pair of hands, I try convincing him that Ryuko can be of some help carting around his awful drink cart. but of course Beyd has to look over while Ryuko is breaking tankards and tables. That awful oaf cost us a bit extra since that elf won’t be paying us anymore than ten gold. I’m just hoping Ryuko can keep his huge paws off the merchandise, otherwise I’m afraid it’ll cost us since I don’t entirely trust this elf. He seems to have too much money…Which might be too much of a good thing. For me!



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